organizations and commissions

You make our Church work

Comprised of parishioners and clergy, our organizations and commissions are the life-blood of our vibrant Church. Whether young or older, you can be part of the shaping of our Church.

Church Organizations

Existing at the parish, diocesan, and national levels, you can get involved.

  • Standard P.N.C.C. organization consisting of various parish choirs from throughout the Church
  • Sponsors and conducts a biennial national convention and music workshops for individuals interested in the music ministry of the Church
  • Instituted the Music Scholarship Program to develop musicians within the Polish National Catholic Church and to make scholarships available in other areas of music to enrich the musical life of the Church.  Click here to access the NUC Music Scholarship Committee’s Music Scholarship Program Web Page.
  • The third edition of the Hymnal of the Polish National Catholic Church has been completed through the work of the NUC Music Commission.  The hymnals are available for purchase for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping per hard cover hymnal and $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping per spiral bound hymnal. The hymnals are NOT sold through the P.N.C.C. Book Department.  They are sold through the National United Choirs.  You must contact Mr. Paul Kazinetz at or 570-383-7843 to order the hymnal.  Click here to obtain order forms.

A group of P.N.C.C. women aged 16+ who promote and maintain the Church and individual parishes physically and spiritually (Contact parish pastor or an ANS member for membership information.)

The purpose of the Society is to:

  • Worship and love Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament and to aid the members in their pursuit of Christian perfection;
  • Give more meaning and more depth to religion in the family and in the Church;
  • Strengthen and make pure the family and the Church so as to effectively serve as the foundation of human society.
    (The Most Rev. Francis Hodur)

Click here for “Krotka Historja Tow. Adoracji Najswietszego Sakramentu (1897-1950)”
Click here for “A Short History of the Society of Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament(1897-1950)” English translation.

Current SAMBS Members, ask your parish or diocesan SAMBS board members for information about:

  • National membership dues
  • Ordering Dues Books, Constitutions, Altar Care Books and Medals
  • Ordering 25- and 50-year certificates
  • Polka” subscription information
  • Submitting “Polka” articles, correspondence, Christmas/Easter Greetings and Donations

National Conventions:

  • Your parish’s Society may be represented by 1 delegate for every 10 members.
  • Your Society must be current with membership obligations in the National and Diocesan levels of the Society.
  • A national level youth organization comprised of youth delegates from throughout the P.N.C.C.
  • Prepares young people to share their love for Christ through programs which instill in them the desire to remain active, dedicated and spirit-filled
  • Biennual Youth Convocation

Unites P.N.C.C. men in the endeavor of the perfection of a Christian life and promotes fellowship through various activities such as fund raisers, dinners, outings, and various recreational activities. Sponsors many events throughout the year:

  • Annual United Y.M.S. of R. Winter Clothing Drive
  • Annual Men’s Spiritual Retreat at the Bishop Hodur Retreat & Recreation Center in Waymart, PA
  • Annual Y.M.S. of R./P.N.C.C. Bowling Tournament (Y.M.S. of R. Bowling Tournament FB Page)
  • Annual Kurs Encampment (sponsored by the Central Committee) at the Bishop Hodur Retreat & Recreation Center in Waymart, PA
  • Annual Independence Day Celebration at Spójnia Farm in Waymart, PA
  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • United Y.M.S. of R. Biennual Convention
  • United Y.M.S. of R. Facebook Page
  • Email:

CLICK HERE to find out how to organize a new or reorganize a Y.M.S. of R. Branch in your parish!

Church Commissions

Another aspect of doing “work” for the Church takes place in these commissions.  Commissions are comprised of clergy and the laity working together.  Membership is chosen at the time of the General Synod occurring every four years.

  • Annually develops and submits a proposed budget to the Supreme Council
  • Examines the costs of the work of the Church and suggests ways in which the funds for this work can be raised
  • Made up of the bishops and those who are able to conduct serious theological work to develop teachings for various theological, ethical or moral positions of the P.N.C.C.
  • Conducts research and produces position papers on various topics topics of faith, morals and discipline
  • Produces and reviews the present benefit items for the pastors of the parishes of the Church which are accepted by the General Synod in each synodal period
  • Considers the present benefits, proposes changes and presents its proposals to each General Synod
  • Monitors how the parishes are fulfilling these benefit requirements and informs the Prime Bishop and diocesan bishops to resolve any issues which might arise

Makes recommendations on submitted proposed changes to the Constitution before each Synod.  Only the General Synod can amend the Constitution and any and all proposed changes must be submitted to it.

  • Oversees the Church’s archives and library
  • Publishes the Church’s scholarly journal “P.N.C.C. Studies”
  • Sponsors conferences, meetings, exhibits and other events pertaining to the history of the Church.
  • Provides assistance and advice in research on the Church’s history and related subjects.

Please click here for suggestions on how to go about doing genealogical research for your P.N.C. ancestors.

  • Responsible for the publication of the liturgical books of the P.N.C.C. for use by both the laity and the clergy
  • Responsible for help in conducting the major liturgical celebrations of the Church, such as Synod Masses, ordinations or consecrations
  • Religious recognition created to encourage boys and girls to grow stronger in their faith. The Boy Scouts and The Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. have approved of these programs and allows the recognition insignia to be worn on the official uniform, but each religious organization develops and administers its own program.
  • Synodal commission which promotes the mission of the Church and evangelism through various national workshops and programs
  • Annual Mission Workshop
  • Provides resource materials for parishes

Synodal commission responsible for formulating curriculum and curricular materials for the Christian education of our P.N.C.C. youth from nursery through high school, as well as for adult members of the P.N.C.C.

Heed the Call - Savonarola Theological Seminary

An institution of higher learning founded and sponsored by the P.N.C.C. that offers men an opportunity to achieve a higher education in the liberal arts, philosophy, the Bible, theology, and guidance in their vocation to become priests of the P.N.C.C. in service to God
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